Alt Seample, fancy, elegant and rustic, the
outdoor space thinking for you
There is no definite style for decorating an outdoor space. Depending on your needs or ideas, it is the one place in the house that comes alive, changes, and adapts to the fashions that occur over time. SITTINGS DAYBED VASES MACOMA ITALY OUTDOOR KITCHEN TABLE ARMCHAIR
Alt It's never been easier to make the bathroom
an icon of style and design
We design and make with care and precision, all the furnishings of your bathroom. We are using the best material: ceramic, taps of the top quality and marbles of first choise. The bathoroom it will never be so lived. BASINS SHOWERS ACCESSORIES MACOMA ITALY WASHBASINS SANITARY
Alt Every space in the house is unique
and important
We offer a variety of brands to furnish your home, each environment is treated with materials suitable for all needs. The design is taken care of in my details; from the living area, to the bathroom up to the sleeping area. ARMCHAIR SITTINGS STOOL MACOMA ITALY SOFAS TABLE MIRROR
Alt It is not just a floor, but the solid base where
memories come to life.
Non Choosing a wood floor is an important step in the journey of decorating your home. Discover all the models to make your home unique. COATING MOSAIC PARQUET MACOMA ITALY LARGE SLABS

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Creativity without limits: explore our exclusive Seletti products

Creativity without limits: explore our exclusive Seletti products

The art of design for your bathroom: immerse yourself in the Rexa universe

The art of design for your bathroom: immerse yourself in the Rexa universe

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