About Us

Synonymous with experience and high professionalism, Macoma Italy is committed to promoting and confirming the value and quality of "Made in Italy" both in Italy and around the world. From its point of sale in the province of Agrigento, Macoma Italy has revolutionized the traditional approach to furniture, always focusing on originality and quality.

The goal is to offer highly customizable products that can adapt to the specific needs of customers, fully understanding their personal tastes. Our role is exclusive in the furnishing project, aimed at fully satisfying the tastes and requests of an increasingly discerning clientele attentive to product quality and with a strong desire to stand out.

Those who choose us have always been demanding consumers seeking innovative solutions and requiring high-quality standards for long-lasting results. These have been the objectives of a journey that has lasted for almost 50 years. In fact, Macoma Italy is built upon an existing structure since 1974, "Mancuso Ceramiche," which evolves continuously, the source of a solid experience built step by step with intelligence and passion.

The pursuit of excellence and maximum quality, with a special focus on detail and the evolution of lifestyles and living spaces, are our fundamental principles. The concept of excellence has become a natural process over the years the values we believe in are always concretely recognizable, and the quality of the products offered is significant evidence.

We believe in the uniqueness of Italian design, the power of innovation, the importance of design, and the value of the people we work with. Pushing further every time an objective is achieved means maintaining a company in the long term.