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Countertop Washbasin Spire 58 -Flaminia

  • White
  • Black
  • Clay
  • Coal
  • Milk
  • Ash
  • Mud
  • Cloud
  • Oil
  • Rosso Rubens

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Flaminia's big news is the collaboration with the young and talented Elena Salmistraro, considered a unique figure in the contemporary panorama for her fantastic, surreal, and highly creative language. With a long experience in the field of artistic and artisanal ceramics, the designer has ventured for the first time into the industrialization of this material, and Spire was born: a collection of countertop sinks that recalls the sinuous forms of a natural element, the seashell. The plastic form emphasizes the beauty of ceramics, and the wide, variable-sized edge characterizes the project, which changes perception depending on the point of view. The new version with ceramic relief, Spire+, represents a synthesis between the designer's stylistic signature and the company's production experience.

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